Beyond the Tropics

This upcoming October 17th - November 8th,  3 member of OKAY Collective (Sebastian, Bryan & Sonet)  will be apart "Beyond the Tropics" taking place at XPACE Cultural Centre, in Toronto, Canada. Info below -

Main Space

October 17th - November 8th
Beyond the Tropics
Curated by Sebastian Benitez
Emma Edghill, Sonet Providence, Bryan Bermudez, Talia Peckel, Daniela Jordan-Villaveces, Sebastian Benitez

Beyond the Tropics explores postcolonial issues and the search for local narratives within the work of a group of Toronto-based emerging artists of South American and Caribbean backgrounds. Emma Edghill, Sonet Providence, Bryan Bermudez, Talia Peckel, Daniela Jordan-Villaveces and Sebastian Benitez explore the subjugation of the landscape in relation to power dynamics, as well as the negotiation of the syncretic products of a colonial past. The artists’ local negotiations of identity politics become relevant as common threads through their different bodies of work.


OKAY Manifesto

OKAY Collective is a Canadian artist-run organization focused on curating and promoting events related to the arts. We are a working project supporting emerging artists within Toronto, Ontario.


Founded in 2014, OKAY Collective consist of 5 core members, all current student & alumni of OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.


Sebastian Benitez:

Bryan Bermudez:

Greg McCarthy:

Phuong Nguyen:

Sonet Providence:


While currently working as a core group, OKAY Collective while soon be expanding and looks forward to working with many artist in and around our community.


OKAY Collective can be found/ contacted at the following links:









THE IMMACULATE SELFIE exhibition explores and celebrates the narcissism and process of self-understanding associated with engagement in contemporary art. The exhibition will feature a variety of immaculate contemporary self-portraits, or ‘selfies’, by and of contemporary Canadian artists, hung in a traditional salon style.

This exhibition is curated by Devan Patel and will be on display at the Black TO Gallery (2186 Dundas St W) from September 25th – October 3rd 2014. There will be an Opening Reception on Thursday Sept 25th from 7-11pm, and a Closing Reception on Friday October 3rd from 6-10pm.

The processes of creating and interpreting contemporary artwork essentially involves an element of unconscious and often narcissistic self expression, reflection and projection. Perhaps much of the value of the artistic process is the ability to beautifully convey personal sentiments, feelings or experiences subtly, and for viewers to experience their own perceptions, conceptions and meanings of what they see, based on their own unique viewpoint and beliefs. The Immaculate Selfie show is an artful celebration of this explicit process, as well as a stimulating visual puzzle of finding an artist in their own artwork.